Ep. 34: In the Mission Dojo: Derrick Rhayn’s Updates from the Field

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Show Notes

In Episode 9, Derrick Rhayn shared the incredible story of how God led him to Himself. In this episode, Derrick is back, sharing from under 24/7 quarantine in Paris.

Derrick has been trying to live as all-in as he can in obedience to the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Even though he is only a little more than a year old in the faith, Derrick has seen much encouraging fruit from the last several months of constantly saying “Yes!” to what God asks of him.

In the time since recording his testimony on the podcast, Derrick has been on a mission trip to Mazatlan, Mexico; a brief mission to Boston; another back to Mazatlan; and an 81-day, prayer-laden trip to Macedonia.

Now, Derrick is preparing to enter into a discipleship training school at the YWAM base in Paris. He almost didn’t make it to Parish, though, as he wasn’t due there for another few weeks and the presidential order halting travel to and from Europe would have grounded him stateside.

Thankfully, God prompted Derrick to leave on the 13th and his plane was the last one leaving the Denver airport to Portugal (his connecting flight).

In this episode, Derrick shares the apparent insanity of saying “Yes” to God–even to two-hour mission trips across the U.S. and the fruit that he’s seen from them. He shares how he’s seen the Lord save over 50 people on these little excursions and also the deeper fruit of forging a faith-first relationship with Christ.

Derrick also opens up about the journey in his prayer life the Lord has had him on and how it wasn’t until hour three in a particular prayer session that he received impromptu direction from the Holy Spirit to go on a mission to Macedonia. While there, he continued his journey in prayer, praying for several hours per day.

Listen to the audio (above) in this week’s to hear the full report from this young missionary’s travels.

  • His second Mazatlan trip was only 24 hours but him and his ministry partner saw around 50 people saved during that time.
  • While in Mazatlan with his church (City Central), Derrick saw a Spirit-inspired picture of the WOrd of God being planted on a local island that has the reputation of being particularly dark, spiritually. Now the local Christians have put up signs all around the island that have Bible verses in spanish.
  • In Boston, Derrick met a woman who was struggling with suicidal thoughts and he was able to tell her, "God sent me all away across the country to talk to you."
  • Derrick is enrolling in a music-based DTS that will minister abroad with music.