Ep. 36: A Look Ahead for the Podcast and Break Announcement

The Audio

Show Notes

Celebration three-dozen episodes and taking a look ahead to see what’s in store for future episodes. Justin also announces a short break for the podcast and shares a little backstory for it.

One final announcement is the podcast will be moving onto Youtube in the not-too-distant future, Lord willing. The show will continue to be featured on the various podcast mediums it is already featured on for those who prefer to listen audibly.

A taste of the future episodes in the production pipeline:

  • A massive series on Jonathan Edwards, exploring his life story, revival ministry, prolific theology, family legacy, personal spiritual disciplines and much more. Multiple guests are slated for the series.
  • Scotty Kessler is booked for two upcoming episodes featuring two different inspiring men of God.
  • The testimony of a Mexican man who escaped custody, tried to murder a guard and was finally saved by Christ from a life of addiction.
  • Multiple episodes featuring different members of a group of mormons who were all saved out of the LDS faith and into orthodox Christianity.
  • And many more!