01: From the Grammys to the Altar, the Transformation of Kid Sensation

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Show Notes

Xola Malik, perhaps better known as Kid Sensation, is a platinum-selling artist who started his career as Sir Mix-a-Lot’s right hand man. After supporting Mix-a-Lot on his debut platinum album, Xola struck out on his own to try his hand as a solo artist. Though his career was what would universally be considered a success, he found it ultimately unsatisfying. Listen along as he recounts fame, fortune and ultimately finding Jesus.

  • Xola started his career at 14 and was a platinum selling solo artist by the time he was a young adult.
  • Xola was present on stage with Sir-Mix-a-Lot as he accepted the 1992 Grammy for "Best Rap Solo Performance."
  • "A lot of people talk about how crazy Straight Outta Compton was, and I'm like, ya man, I was there for all of that - and more!" - Xola on touring with NWA
  • Money, sexuality and fame ultimately proved much less fulfilling than he had thought they would be. He encountered Jesus at a church service a friend invited him to.
  • Xola was estranged from his father for most of his life until Jesus transformed Xola's heart and brought them back together.