04: From Sojourner to Refugee, a Pakistani Girl Finds Her Hope

The Audio

Show Notes

Mary was born and raised in a relatively liberal town in Pakistan. Even so, Mary asked us to not use her real name because, on account of the story she shares here, there is a real fear for her life from members of her community and even her own family.

After a lot of hard work, Mary was chosen to travel to the United States to study on a scholarship. She came seeking to further her studies, instead she received more than she could have ever imagined. While studying, she was connected through a school advisor to a Christian family, who, in turn, invited her to church. This began a process that turned her life upside down. Something happened to her through that process that she had no words for, but eventually she would come to feel like her whole life was leading her towards this moment.

Listen along as Mary, and her friend Bebhinn, share about the miraculous journey that led a Pakistani muslim woman to find her life in Jesus.

  • Mary wasn't very dedicated to her Muslim faith but her encounter with Jesus caused her to give up her entire life to follow Him.
  • Mary would come to church with Bebhinn and just cry as she heard the worship music. She wasn't sure what was happening but now she knows God was drawing her to Himself.
  • Mary's friend Bebhinn used to bring Mary and other foreign students to the annual block party Justin put on.
  • Mary, Bebhinn and Justin are all first-generation believers in Jesus and all felt like their whole lives led up to discovering the Gospel of Jesus.