07: “Wuzza”: The Extraordinary Life of C.T. Studd (with Scotty Kessler)

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It’s probably no exaggeration to say that C.T. Studd was the Babe Ruth of England. He was more than a generational talent within his sport of choice, Cricket. Yet, he shocked the world and sparked a revival when he announced he was leaving it all behind to become a missionary to China with Hudson Taylor’s famous China Inland Mission.

What resulted from this decision was a life of hardship and suffering, on one hand, and Spirit-fueled endurance and inspiration to countless believers, on the other. From China to India and finally the Heart of the African Congo, C.T. was faithfully devoted to pursuing the call of Christ to preach the Gospel wherever he may be sent.

He did all of this without any fundraising and he solely trusted God for provision–in spite of having been a millionaire who had given away his large inheritance. Along the way, he would also have to endure countless exotic diseases, like ongoing bouts with Malaria, and tolls on his health. He even endured the loss of children, but God seemed to always provide just what he needed to make it through to the next season.

There were surely a lot of ups and downs in C.T.’s life, but one thing is clear: when the curtain was drawn for his time on the Earth, it could be said that C.T. finished the race, to have fought the good fight of the faith. He died surrounded by thousands of African believers who had devoted their lives to Christ as a result of C.T.’s own devotion to Christ.

Today, the organization he left behind is still responsible for sending thousands of full-time missionaries into the field. He also leaves behind a legacy every believer in Jesus will greatly benefit from knowing more about. In this episode, Justin sits down with discipleship trainer, Scotty Kessler, to talk about the life of one of the modern era’s greatest missionaries.

  • C.T.'s dad was converted to faith by famous 19th century evangelist, D.L. Moody.
  • C.T. gave away the equivalent of over five million dollars in today's money, which he had inherited from his rich father.
  • The Moody Bible Institute was started with money donated from C.T.'s inheritance.
  • C.T.'s life story is a who's who of late 19th-century, early 20th century Christian preachers and missionaries. George Mueller, General Booth and other Salvation Army leaders, Amy Carmichael, D.L. Moody and Hudson Taylor all played a role in C.T.'s life.
  • "Wuzza" is a reference to a bad joke Justin made in the episode about C.T.'s nickname being C.T. "Wuzza" Studd.