25: Racism, Humility and the Gospel: The Life of William J. Seymour Part 2 (with Jordan McCloud)

The Audio

Show Notes

In part 2 of our focus on the life of William J. Seymour, Jordan McCloud and Justin finish William’s story by reflecting on how William handled difficult situations. The short answer: with humility and a heart to glorify God.

Jordan and Justin reflect on how lessons from Seymour’s life are applicable today, both in the Church and in greater society. A big theme that emerges in this episode is the Christlike way of responding to racism, bitterness and oppression. In all things, Seymour seemed to respond with humility and love out of reverence for Christ.

Likewise, Seymour responded to injustices done to him from friends and even his mentor, with humility and love. He never stopped advocating for truth but seemed to take seriously that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood.”

If you haven’t listened to part 1 in our series, check it out for a lot more of the details of this man’s story.

  • Justin shared about how on the day Billy Graham died, God called Justin away from being political in the same way Billy abstained from politics.
  • Jordan shared about the temptation to be bitter at one's cultural enemies in the same way Jonah was.
  • The guys talked about the implications of Jesus' Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6:20-49) in today's divisive world.