An evening of miraculous stories about the shocking goodness of God.This is a free one-of-a-kind event for believers in Jesus to come together for an outdoor evening full of testimonies and worship. Did you know God is constantly working miracles in our midst? Come hear an exciting sample of what God is doing in your own area on a daily basis.

The event line-up:

  • Worship led by Jason Bradley from City Central Church
  • Many powerful stories from believers from several different area churches, including: an ex-felon who heard God speak audibly to him, an ex-serial-adulterer who God set free in a radical two-hour prayer time, a man at the center of the Boy Scouts sex-abuse scandal who God set free from his trauma and bitterness, and more!
  • An open-mic portion for the audience to share testimonies as the Spirit leads.

Event-creator, Justin Mayfield, will also be launching his new podcast, The Transformation Podcast, at the event. This podcast has been in development for three years and is full of similar kinds of miraculous stories!


This podcast was the result of a simple epiphany¬†that came upon podcast host, Justin Mayfield, on an ordinary day. It was a timeless truth: the testimony of the followers of Jesus is the most transformative tool on Earth. The testimony of a believer cuts through the noise created by the modern world’s obsession with unproven ideas. It says, “This is true. It’s not a theory. I saw it with my own eyes.” It’s the 5-star review on the Bible and God’s powerful Spirit that people are dying to hear–whether they know it or not.

This podcast was the practical outworking of that revelation. It’s mission is to put a microphone in front of the witnesses of Jesus’ glory and be a loud voice for reporting on the news that really matters: the miraculous acts of God.