11: A Beauty Queen Turned Heroin Fiend Finds Her Freedom in Jesus: The Story of Erika Wilfong

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Show Notes

Erika Wilfong grew up in what many might call almost idyllic circumstances. Her loving family, who started one of the largest churches in her town, not only loved her well but set an excellent example for her. Unfortunately, instead of inheriting the real faith of her parents, she saw church, and its accompanying practices, as something to merely be good at–at least enough to put on a show for others within the church.

On the other hand, her curious personality led her off in search of that which excited her. So, in spite of having much success in beauty pageants, sports, and her academic career, Erika developed an addiction to the opiate OxyContin, and later, heroin. Over the course of seven years, she witnessed the demonic habit claim the lives of those around her while completely ruining her own.

She tried getting clean on multiple occasions, but it wasn’t until getting pregnant through her drug-dealing boyfriend and landing in prison for numerous felony convictions, that she was forced to encounter the true faith that she missed as a child. It was this trust in Jesus that finally freed her from her tragic addiction and, in the process, gave her the fulfillment she had been looking for all along. Along the way, Jesus showed her her that her true value and identity are rooted in Him.

In this episode, Erika also details several miracles the Lord worked in the process of delivering her from the demonic clutches of drugs and even some of the tragic consequences of her sin. The God of Grace is on full display as Erika joyfully proclaims all that God has done in and for her.

  • This episode is filled with countless spiritual insights from Erika's life and she delivers them with God-given enthusiasm.
  • Erika was Miss Greater Tacoma and competed for Miss Seafair.
  • She wants to start a non-profit called "A Diamond's Worth" focused on reaching and mentoring adolescent women
  • Erika's great uncle received one of the only public processions ever given to a Westerner in Calcutta, India, to mourn his death because of the large humanitarian ministry he started there. The only other person to receive such an honor was Mother Theresa.
  • Today, Erika is a wife and a mother to three beautiful children