12: Ancient Truth and Ancestral Demons: How Angus Musselman was Released from Demonic Possession

The Audio

Show Notes

Angus Musselman didn’t have much of an understanding about the spiritual realm, but that all changed as he started to look into things like witchcraft and demonic activity. What seemed to Angus as a harmless curiosity about supernatural things, led to his life being turned upside down after he allowed himself to be possessed by demonic forces. This culminated in Angus becoming a terror to those around him as he had intense supernatural encounters with demons. Eventually, though, God’s grace reached Angus and he was able to be freed by giving his life to Christ.

Follow along as you hear how Angus was ultimately delivered from slavery by dark forces to walking in the freedom of the light of Christ.

  • Angus' dad was killed on the freeway when Angus was young.
  • Angus was enticed into pursuing demonic things by promises of having "powers".
  • Soon after, he began seeing terrifying phenomena at his house, including the furniture rearranging itself and demons manifesting in visual form.
  • Angus visited many churches, but few knew what to do with him until he came to Justin's home church of City Central. There he found believers equipped with the knowledge to lead him into deliverance, through the power of Jesus.
  • Angus was not only freed from demonic possession but was also freed from depression and having to use medication.