18: Jesus Was Plan A: Brad Summers is Rescued from the Bottom of a Bottle

The Audio

Show Notes

Brad Summers truly hit rock bottom when he found himself on the floor of a Fred Meyer’s, trying to saw through a liquor bottle just for a drop to please his addiction. It was a long road of broken childhood and adolescence that basically left him without much to live for but the bottom of a bottle.

Yet, in that moment on the grocery isle floor, God gave him enough self-awareness to realize that there could be more to life than what he was living for in that moment. He decided that his only options were to “find out if God was real” or to drink himself to death.

Brad checked himself into treatment for the upteenth time, but the major difference this time is that the program was Christ-centered, whereas previous stints had been secular efforts, full of humanistic ideas

Brad gave his life to Christ in this program but it wasn’t until God miraculously cleared his criminal charges in court–to the visible shock of both the prosecutor and his own attorney–and miraculously paid the fine that he owed that Brad began to fully grasp the weight of what he’d done. He hadn’t just made a resolve to do something good with his life, he had been connected to the Sovereign King of everything Who holds Brad in His hands.

Not only did this have a lasting effect on Brad, in that he was able to stop drinking, it gave Brad a hunger to follow in the footsteps of Christ, to honor His commandments and work for His Kingdom.

  • Brad often struggled with suicidal thoughts and even tried to end his own life once before meeting Christ.
  • The program he checked himself in at was at the local homeless shelter, The Rescue Mission, and was called the New Life Program.
  • Brad new that God was the one who miraculously paid his fines, and that it wasn't even through another person working on behalf of God, because he had borrowed, cheated and stolen from everyone he knew and they would never pay his fine for him.