19: A Surprise Answer to a Desperate Prayer: How God Rescued Nateh Godo Out of a Life of Selling Cocaine

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Nateh Godo, brother of Episode 2’s Tapeh Godo, moved to the United States from the Ivory Coast as an adolescent. The family grew up with faith in Christ but the culture shock incited a rebellion within the Godo brothers which would last into Nateh’s adulthood.

At one point Nateh almost converted to Islam to be with a muslim girl he had feelings for, but God saved him from that apostate decision. Yet, this didn’t mean Nateh was devoted to actually following Christ. In fact, Nateh found himself addicted to Cocaine and living as a full-time drug dealer.

Though Nateh found himself desiring more–he longed to be a pilot–he felt stuck in his broken lifestyle. He justified his continued life of crime and addiction with his longterm plan to save $100,000 in order to attend flight school.

It looked as if Nateh might actually save his desired goal, but, just before he reached $100,000, he said a prayer in a moment of desperation that would forever change his life. One day, while high, he cried out to God to save him from his dark and fruitless lifestyle. He was miserable and he longed for God to save him.

The answer to that prayer came in swift, dramatic fashion when, in the same week that Nateh reached his $100,000 goal, the police showed up to raid his home. They arrested him and seized all the money. Yet, Nateh recalls feeling a great relief and experiencing deep gratitude to God for saving him from the veritable hole he had fallen into.

After a year in jail he was free, and not only that, had become a serious disciple of Jesus while locked up.

Today, Nateh lives with his brother Tapeh’s family and works in the airplane industry. While it’s not the job he always longed for, it’s an honest job and, at the time of the recording, had just earned a promotion.

Listen to the full miraculous story in this week’s episode!

  • The Lord consistently pursued Nateh through many ups and downs. One example is when Nateh was at a particularly low point, he walked outside and saw that an airplane had written, "Smile, Jesus loves you."
  • When Nateh was considering converting to Islam, he felt prompted in prayer to just accept Christian doctrine by faith. When he did that, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, having a 20-minute encounter with God.
  • Justin and Nateh speak in-depth about the doctrine of the Trinity and Justin attempts to exposit some deeper truths of the Trinity in response to what Nateh's girlfriend had told him all those years before.