21: The Simple Way of an Indian: A Third-World Pastor Living Only for the Kingdom

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Show Notes

Paul Ebenezer is a born-and-raised Indian. His mom, who is a Christian, was widowed when Paul was young but she forsook remarrying so she could focus on raising Paul Ebenezer in the Lord. In spite of her noble efforts, Paul initially wandered off into a life of heavy drinking. But his mom was vindicated when finally her prayers were answered and Paul Ebenezer decided to follow Jesus and to do so wholeheartedly.

Following his conversion, he had the opportunity to work directly with the great Indian missionary, Moses Paulose, whose testimony reads like the Book of Acts: India.

Podcast host, Justin Mayfield, had the opportunity to get to know Paul Ebenezer when Justin spent a season as a missionary in India as the two worked side-by-side servicing the ministry’s tech needs.

During this time, Justin, along with a few of his fellow missionaries, were used by the Lord to introduce Paul to his wife. Justin jokes that he “arranged” an Indian marriage and Paul Ebenezer often shares the testimony with his countrymen that some people came all the way to America to introduce him to his wife.

Today, Paul Ebenezer is a pastor and he recently had the opportunity to travel to the United States. The reason he traveled all the way to the other side of the world is because he is raising funds to build humble church buildings for Indian Christians who have no place to meet. He is also raising funds for equipment to share the Gospel with unreached Indian tribes. Paul will regularly drive to remote villages where people have never heard of Jesus and show The Jesus Film with a mobile projector and sound system. Many people come into the Kingdom of God through efforts like these.

In this episode, learn the genius of a simple life when it comes to following Jesus and maybe even gain a little insight into some of the dynamics behind why Indians have a less than 1% divorce rate!

  • As a teenager, before he knew Christ, Paul Ebenezer drank whole bottles of hard alcohol in one sitting.
  • Indian states speak different languages. Paul was able to communicate with his wife because he learned her language working with Moses Paulouse, who was from the same state.
  • On his first flight to the U.S., Paul thought the flight attendants were trying to feed him like an animal, until he learned what "salad" was.
  • His family and church don't spend much time recreating. They spend most of their free time in prayer and joyous worship.