22: Life Between Ten and Forty Degrees North: Tyler Connell and the Ekballo Story

The Audio

Show Notes

Tyler Connell didn’t know what he was supposed to do with his life. He wanted to serve God but he needed God to tell him how.

So he instinctually drove to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. He heard they prayed a lot there and he figured he needed a lot of that himself. During the short season he lived there, God gave him a prophetic dream that made it clear that he should join a missions organization called Youth with a Mission (aka YWAM).

It was in YWAM that he finally found what he was looking for. Every YWAM’er has to go through a mission training school at one of countless YWAM bases around the world. Tyler chose to do his in Herrnhut, Germany, the famous town built by the Moravians and arguably the historical epicenter of modern Evangelicalism.

While Tyler was at the training school he diligently sought the will of God for his life. One day, as he was praying, the Holy Spirit whispered to his heart, “Tyler, you’ve been coming to me like a slave comes to a master.” Instead, said the Spirit, He wanted Tyler to come to Him as a son to a father.

Not long after this, a visiting leader, a woman with a prophetic gift, told Tyler she felt the Lord was going to do something special for him that week. Sure enough, as the week went on, Tyler found himself in multiple spontaneous prayer and worship times with fellow students that lasted for hours as God’s presence was almost palpably felt.

Sensing a unique situation, Tyler asked God what He wanted to communicate with these sessions. It was at this point Tyler got his clarity. Via another prophetic dream and a handful of other miraculous means, God started rapidly revealing the battle plan for Tylers next season of life. Through this it became clear he was supposed to film documentary films and show them on college campuses in order to inspire folks to go into missions in the 1040 window.

He also felt led to share this vision with a guy who was temporarily bunking in his dorm. He didn’t understand why he was led to do so until the guy responded with with great enthusiasm. He related to Tyler how he was a filmmaker and that he was at Herrnhut seeking vision on what he was supposed to do next.

The two became partners and launched the Ekballo Project. They have made multiple films and shown them on over 60 college campuses. They have started a summer program for short-term student outreaches, as well.

Tyler also shares three other powerful stories from his experiences of people miraculously coming to encounter the Gospel and the power of God.

  • Tyler recounts the story of being in a nation with 50 known believers in Jesus. He and some others were worshipping for 12 hours straight when a couple walked into the building unannounced because of dream the guy had the night before involving Jesus and music in the same building.
  • A story is shared about a muslim man who was physically blinded after a demonic attack years before. Tyler and his team ministered to him over several days until Jesus enountered the man and his sight was restored.
  • Another time Tyler and his team were preparing to show the Jesus film in a remote village when they encountered a man who surprising spoke perfect English. The man opposed them vehemently at the start but then when the movie was shown, God spoke to the man in his mind and the man gave his life to Christ.