23: Merry Christmas! Our Gift to You is a Dozen Awesome Testimonies

The Audio

Show Notes

Merry Christmas! Our gift to you is more than a dozen encouraging testimonies we’ve been collecting over the past few years. The stories range from helping people in need, to people being miraculously healed, to God saving folks from perilous circumstances.

Justin has been walking around with a microphone in his bag almost everywhere he goes so he can collect testimonies as he encounters them. If someone started sharing a testimony with him, he would pull out his mic and ask them to share it on the recording. Even so, there are many he didn’t collect because of time, etc. and, yet, there is 90 minutes worth of testimonies on this episode.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear all the encouraging stories!

  • If you've heard Justin mention before how he's collected several random testimonies from one random Fred Meyer's store, this is the episode where you'll hear those particular stories, too. Truly, you'll know God can move anywhere, anytime, once you hear how many stories have happened in this little strip mall!
  • As a bonus, Justin's wife, Brianna, also testifies on this episode in ways God has miraculously saved their family and delivered her from fear.
  • Some of the people testifying have been guests on the podcast before. See if you can spot them!