The Transformation Podcast

The Transformation Podcast is about
transformation beyond human limits.

A lot of people believe humans were created by God. Not many realize we were created to be with Him. Without acknowledging this reality, we’re like cosmic orphans or an ICU patient without life support. We need God like we need oxygen. These stories testify to that truth.

Episodes List

Ep. 36: A Look Ahead for the Podcast and Break Announcement
Ep. 35: Brian Barcelona on the Jesus Movement Growing in High Schools
Ep. 34: In the Mission Dojo: Derrick Rhayn’s Updates from the Field
Ep. 33: The Roots of an Evangelist: Josh McDowell’s Origin Story
Ep. 32: Called Inland: The Life and Legacy of Hudson Taylor (with Scotty Kessler)
31: Christ Saves the Napalm Girl From Communism: Part 2 of Kim Phúc’s Testimony
30: Christ Saves The Napalm Girl: Kim Phúc’s Testimony
29: The Roots of a Church Planter: Dan Hegelund’s Encouraging Story
28: The God Who Never Sleeps: Tiffany Bluhm’s Incredible Adoption Story
27: Jesus Club! (How Countless Kids are Getting Saved at a Local High School w/ Mark and Stephanie Kram)
26: “To The Prayer-Hearing God:” The Incredible Life of George Müller (with Scotty Kessler)
25: Racism, Humility and the Gospel: The Life of William J. Seymour Part 2 (with Jordan McCloud)
24: “The Meekest Man I Ever Met:” the Life of William J. Seymour (with Jordan McCloud)
23: Merry Christmas! Our Gift to You is a Dozen Awesome Testimonies
22: Life Between Ten and Forty Degrees North: Tyler Connell and the Ekballo Story
21: The Simple Way of an Indian: A Third-World Pastor Living Only for the Kingdom
20: A Courageous Parent and a Resolute Man by the Power of God: The Tale of Isaac Tolpin
19: A Surprise Answer to a Desperate Prayer: How God Rescued Nateh Godo Out of a Life of Selling Cocaine
18: Jesus Was Plan A: Brad Summers is Rescued from the Bottom of a Bottle
17: The Wild Adventures of Bubba the Okie: How God Led Bubba Jennings to Himself
16: Stories From the Street: Miraculous Healings and Conversions
15: Bedrock Below, Miracles Above: Two Destitute Men Are Freed to Serve the God of Wonders
14: The God Who Pursued the Million-Felony Man: Brian Headrick’s Transformation
13: How The Great Revival in Wales Transformed an Entire Country (w/ Jon Osterman)
12: Ancient Truth and Ancestral Demons: How Angus Musselman was Released from Demonic Possession
11: A Beauty Queen Turned Heroin Fiend Finds Her Freedom in Jesus: The Story of Erika Wilfong
10: From Hard Beginnings to Training Conquerers: Dr. Ted Roberts Shares His Powerful Life Story
09: Forty Years ‘Til Freedom: God’s Deliverance of Derrick Rhayn
08: From the Streets to the NFL to Jesus: the Heartening Saga of DeQuin Evans
07: “Wuzza”: The Extraordinary Life of C.T. Studd (with Scotty Kessler)
06: Testify! to the City: a Powerful Outdoor Testimony and Worship Event
05: Life by a Thread: How God Blessed a Woman Medical Science Couldn’t Understand
04: From Sojourner to Refugee, a Pakistani Girl Finds Her Hope
03: The Applied Physics of Eternal Sanctification: How Christian Endurance Got Internet on Airplanes
02: Then the Light Came: A Father’s Liberation from Serial Adultery
01: From the Grammys to the Altar, the Transformation of Kid Sensation
00: The Roots of Transformation